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Turkey's communications director calls for new approach to global crisis

Anadolu Agency 19 Oct 2021
“Globalization not only erodes the boundaries among nations, but also dissolves the barriers that nations can build to avoid regional and global crises ... We have also invited affected parties to engage in dialogue and constructive diplomacy in other crisis areas including the Eastern Mediterranean and the Azerbaijan-Armenia dispute ... .

FM Spox blames US for weaponizing dollar

Irna 18 Oct 2021
He also touched on the accusations made by Azerbaijan Republic officials against Iran, ... The Spokesman also said that the relationship between Iran and the Azerbaijan Republic was natural, but stressed that Azerbaijani officials should be cautious not to be trapped by third parties.

Azerbaijan Airlines Looking At More Boeing 787 Dreamliners

Simple Flying 16 Oct 2021
Azerbaijan Airlines is looking at replacing its older aircraft with additional Boeing 787 Dreamliners ... Azerbaijan Airlines Already a member of the fleet ... The trio spoke about fleet replenishment plans while developing the relationship between the flag carrier of Azerbaijan and the United States-based manufacturer ... Azerbaijan Airlines.

Azerbaijani president responds at last to Pandora Papers

EurasiaNet 15 Oct 2021
Ali Karimli, the chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (a member of the NCDF), wrote on Facebook that even for a decade before he became president, it was illegal for Aliyev to have been running the businesses he did because he had been a vice president of the state ...

Amirabdollahian sees talks with EU's Mora as positive

Irna 15 Oct 2021
In this telephone conversation, the Russian foreign minister praised Iran’s logical position on the return of all parties to their obligations. At the end, Lavrov referred to his meeting with the foreign minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan today, saying he was informed of the ...

Novel case

The Telegraph India 14 Oct 2021
Armenia and Azerbaijan were in the news in September 2020 on account of their territorial dispute in Nagorno-Karabakh. On September 16, 2021, Armenia instituted proceedings against Azerbaijan before the International Court of Justice for alleged violations of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

Orange County Democrats Are Honoring Wrong Person for Wrong Reasons

Asbarez 12 Oct 2021
The California Democratic Party has passed a similar resolution condemning Azerbaijan ... The Democratic Party of Orange County should do the right thing and rescind their award of Mayor Khan until she has publicly apologized for her statements and denounced the government of ...

Iran Says Has Proof of Azerbaijan Harboring Terrorist Groups

Asbarez 12 Oct 2021
Iran said that it possesses documents proving that terrorist groups have been sent to the Republic of Azerbaijan ...There are some third parties in the region that do not want Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan to have friendly ties ... “Unfortunately, the Iranian Foreign Ministry does not give up its smear campaign against Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani Activist Sentenced To 13 Years In Prison On 'Absurd' Terrorism Charges

Radio Free Europe 08 Oct 2021
BAKU -- A court in Baku has sentenced a member of the opposition Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (AXCP) to 13 years in prison after finding him guilty of financing terrorism -- a charge he and his supporters have rejected as "absurd." ... Human rights groups in Azerbaijan ...

Azerbaijan starts using Armenian airspace

EurasiaNet 06 Oct 2021
Azerbaijan has carried out its first flight over Armenian airspace in seven years, puzzling many Armenians who have seen the move as a unilateral concession to Baku ... But a member of parliament from the ruling Civil Contract party, Lilit Minasyan, wrote on Facebook that Armenian airspace has always been open to Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan denies presence of Israeli military on its soil

Middle East Monitor 06 Oct 2021
Following Iranian claims, the Caucasus country of Azerbaijan denied that the occupation state of Israel has a military presence on its soil, news agencies have reported.

Iran, Russia set to draft a strategic cooperation document soon: Amirabdollahian

Irna 06 Oct 2021
Commenting on Iran's recent military drills near the Azerbaijani border, the foreign minister said that the Azerbaijan Republic has staged six shared drills with some foreign parties while Iran has staged only one ... 9341**2050 ....

Turkey, Israel, and Azerbaijan Create Tensions for Iran

GlobalResearch 05 Oct 2021
Iran conducted military exercises near its border with Azerbaijan on October 1 ... Later, Amir-Abdollahian commented that ‘third parties’ were causing divisions between Iran and Azerbaijan, in a reference to Israel, who is a close ally of Azerbaijan, who shares a 700-kilometer border with Iran ... Turkey, Israel, and Azerbaijan alliance.

Is Iran threatening Azerbaijan over Israel ties?

The Jerusalem Post 05 Oct 2021
The larger context is that Iran has carried out military maneuvers near the border with Azerbaijan and Armenia and hosted an Armenian delegation, signaling its commitment to a robust policy that wants the status quo maintained on the border ... Iran does not actually want to be a party to a conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Azerbaijan denies Israel military presence in Iran drills

The New Arab 04 Oct 2021
Azerbaijan on Monday denied allegations from Tehran that Israel's military was in the Caucasus country during drills run by Iran's army on their shared border ... Israel is a major arms supplier to Azerbaijan, which last autumn won a six-week war with neighbour Armenia over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region.